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Mediation procedures and negotiation trainings are a significant part of the practice of Ms Alexandrova. She promotes a new generation dispute resolution approach based on achieving mutually beneficial agreements by means of productive business orientated communication within mediation.

Mediation and negotiation are the core of the ADR Practice of AdimaLaw. Ms Alexandrova acts as a mediator and a negotiation coach. She has coached in mediation and negotiation university teams for international contests in mediation and negotiation. Ms Alexandrova has been appointed a coach of Sofia University, King`s College London, and Wuhan University, China. As her students achieved first and semifinal prizes in the IBA-VIAC Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition, Vienna and the International Commercial Mediation Competition, ICC Paris, she was awarded a mandate as a co-chair of the Young Mediators Subcommittee of the International Bar Association.

In the course of her coaching Ms Alexandrova has worked with a number of eminent practitioners in the field such as Rosemary Jackson QC, William Wood QC, Stephen Ruttle QC, William Marsh, Nicholas Pryor, Katie Bradford, Jullian Roskill, and Aled Davies. In addition, she managed to attract for the mediation cause a number of established legal practices such as Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP/ UK and Germany, Linklaters LLP/UK, Shoenherr LLP/ Bulgaria, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP/ Bulgaria.

About Mediation

Mediation is an innovative procedure which facilitates achieving business friendly solutions in a time and cost-effective manner.

Advantages of Mediation:

  • Decision making : remains on the parties in the dispute while the mediator facilitates the dialogue and provides a third party neutral perspective
  • Scope :

– can be far beyond the legal dispute,

– appropriate for disputes where legal terms preclude the option to file a claim,

– appropriate for spheres where the development of the regulated relationships overrides the legal development.

  • Forward thinking in Mediation:

Mediation is not about who is right or wrong, the aim is to find a solution to live with. All other procedures are past orientated even though we cannot change the past, we can only define the future.

  • Balanced Agreement:

The presence of the mediator assures that the true interests of the parties will be uncovered and will be further balanced in the aim to achieve a mutually beneficial solution. Unlike ordinary negotiations where there is a battle of interests in mediation the mediator ascertains that the balance is maintained which guarantees that the agreement will last.

  • Time and Money

Cost-effective and time effective since solution can be achieved in a couple of days and if necessary the agreement can be approved by the court;

  • Selection of Lawyers and Authorship of the Final Agreement

In mediation the lawyers selected by the parties draft the final document, unlike other procedures where third party imposes a decision.

  • Risk

In mediation risk of losing is completely mitigated since the procedure offers a Win-Win solution. There is no risk to lose a case.

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